Clubhouse Case Study (US1)

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This template is for reference only, and is originally based on Jackie Bavaro's advice (co-author of Cracking the PM interview). Feel free to add/delete sections as you see fit.

Meeting Notes

Product Overview

Value Proposition

  • For speakers(masterminds/professionals/entertainer)
    • A new content marketing channel to interact/build/maintain fan base so that their potential revenue model for their domain knowledge
    • Ultra accessibility. A channel that is lightweight, frictionless to participate
    • Additional revenue source for speakers from external sponsorship
      • *Monetization not in place yet
    • Connect with other speakers, exchange valuable ideas, look for potential business opportunities
  • For audience (learners/newbies)
    • A channel that is easy for them to get guidance and solve problems efficiently
    • Ultra accessibility. A channel that is lightweight, frictionless to participate

Product Goals


Business goals and customer goals

  • Business goals:
    • Become a leader in social media platform
    • Democratize FM radio
  • Customer goals:
    • Learn new knowledge, meet like-minded people, express ideas without being recorded, censored, or judged
    • No barriers in realtime sharing and receiving information
  • North star:
    • People feel better after using the app. It could be meeting new friends, learning new knowledge, or just entertaining - Use DAU, rooms opened daily to measure

User Personas


Can potentially divide into users (using the product) and customers (paying for the product)

  • Masterminds/Professionals/Influencers, who has content to share (domain knowledge/entertainment performance).
  • Students/Learners/Newbies, who has questions need to be answered
  • People who have time to kill and need entertainment



What metrics can be used for measuring success?

  • Rooms opened per day
  • New users per day
  • Average session time per user per room
  • Average times hand raised per user per room
  • number of follows per user



How well this product is satisfying its goals

Doing well

  • Low effort to consume. Customers can still do their tasks while tuning into the CH rooms.
  • Comparing with Podcast, low entry barrier to create content through opening a room and start talking

Not so Well

  • Server limitation
  • Connecting users - no QR code, no social media integration
    • Instagram Twitter
    • Contact book
  • Sharablity - no sharing link to rooms/people/club
    • Discoverability

Business Perspective

Industry and Competition


What are the competitors? How is the industry evolving in general?

  • Podcast
  • Music apps
  • Live streaming products
  • Youtube/Facebook Live
  • LinkedIn (events?)
  • Offline events



How does the company monetize the product? (Selling ads? Charge through consumers/enterprise?)

  • Ads with targeting
  • Premium sub for pro host to host paid session, and take a cut per ticket sold
  • Charge for in app event advertising (advertise for a scheduled events to CH users)
  • Processing fee from audience to host donation
  • Charge for prioritizing hand-rise (User with prioritized hand-rise has to be called before the rest for the speaker to share the profit)



What's their marketing strategy?

  • Viral Growth strategy(Free): User invite, word of mouth, social media, influencers, celebrity endorsement/adoption