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This template is for reference only, and is originally based on Jackie Bavaro's advice (co-author of Cracking the PM interview). Feel free to add/delete sections as you see fit.

Product Overview

Value Proposition

  • Help people to focus on work and clear todo list

Product Goals


Business goals and customer goals

User Personas


Can potentially divide into users (using the product) and customers (paying for the product)

  • College students who try to finish homework or paper but constantly distracted by phone
  • Young professionals who want to get tasks done and focus on the work without procrastinating

Use Cases


  • Set a time to start to concentrate on something
  • Recharge with money and if not able to accomplish the goal, the money would go to donation
  • Invite friends to join the "room"
  • Check the ranking/activities of your friends



What metrics can be used for measuring success?



How well this product is satisfying its goals

Doing well

Not so Well

Business Perspective

Industry and Competition


What are the competitors? How is the industry evolving in general?



How does the company monetize the product? (Selling ads? Charge through consumers/enterprise?)



What's their marketing strategy?