Clubhouse Case Study (archived)

Product Overview

Value Proposition

  • Build a social experience that felt more human
  • For speakers(masterminds/professionals/entertainer)
    • A new content marketing channel to interact/build/maintain fan base so that their potential revenue model for their domain knowledge
    • Ultra accessibility. A channel that is lightweight, frictionless to participate
    • Additional revenue source for speakers from external sponsorship
  • For audience (learners/newbies)
    • A channel that is easy for them to get guidance and solve problems efficiently
    • Ultra accessibility. A channel that is lightweight, frictionless to participate

Product Goals


Business goals and customer goals

  • Business goals:
    • Become a leader in social media platform
    • Democratize FM radio
  • Customer goals:
    • Learn new knowledge, meet like-minded people, express ideas without being recorded, censored, or judged
    • No barriers in realtime sharing and receiving information
  • North star: People feel better after using the app. It could be meeting new friends, learning new knowledge, or just entertaining - Use DAU, rooms opened daily to measure

User Personas


Can potentially divide into users (using the product) and customers (paying for the product)

  • FOMOers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Travelers
  • Professors
  • Language learners
  • Influencers
  • Masterminds/Professionals, who have contents to share (domain knowledge/entertainment performance).
  • Students/Learners/Newbies, who has questions need to be answered
  • People who have time to kill and need entertainment

Use Cases

  • As a FOMO individual, I want to stay up with the current trend and don't miss out fun
  • As a Entrepreneur, I want to ask questions and seek advices for my business, because it's easy to find experts in the space and get free advice
  • As a traveler, I want to know what's the places and food local residents recommend
  • As a professor, I want to encourage students to drop in and answer their doubt during my office hour
  • As a language learner, I want to practice with people who are fluent with the language
  • As a influencer, I want to grow my followers in a new and popular social media platform


  • Only 2 invites per user
  • Users need to use real names. This ensures authentic information(??) flowing and encourage people to share and learn
  • Moderators to guide the conversation (need a rating system for moderator)
  • Leave quietly: Leaving out the room without being noticed!!!
  • Raise Hand: A signal to be invited to the stage
  • Mic tapping? - "Applaud" expression in CH
  • Easy onboarding: Conversations are grouped by Interests and easy to explore for new users
  • Enable multitasking - people can still use their phone, do their thing while in a CH room listening
  • Explore - by topic
  • Live event feed and forecast
  • Calendars and event participant scheduling



What metrics can be used for measuring success?


Rooms opened per day

New users per day

Average session time per user per room

Average times hand raised per user per room

number of follows per user



How well this product is satisfying its goals

Doing well

  • Low effort to consume. Customers can still do their tasks while tuning into the CH rooms.
  • Comparing with Podcast, low entry barrier to create content through opening a room and start talking

Not so Well

  • Server limitation
  • Connecting users - no QR code, no social media integration
  • Sharablity - no sharing link to rooms/people/club

Business Perspective

Industry and Competition


What are the competitors? How is the industry evolving in general?

  • How ClubHouse will evolve post-covid?
  • Podcast
  • Music apps
  • Live streaming products
  • Youtube/Facebook Live
  • LinkedIn



How does the company monetize the product? (Selling ads? Charge through consumers/enterprise?)

  • Businesses can open Live Customer Service in ClubHouse. ClubHouse can offer 24*7 smart customer service representative Voice service with bots
  • Ads with targeting
  • Premium sub for pro host to host paid session, and take a cut per ticket sold
  • Charge for in app event advertising (advertise for a scheduled events to CH users)
  • Processing fee from audience to host donation
  • Charge for prioritizing hand-rise (User with prioritized hand-rise has to be called before the rest for the speaker to share the profit)



What's their marketing strategy?

  • Viral Growth strategy(Free): User invite, word of mouth, social media, influencers, celebrity endorsement/adoption