Clubhouse Case Study (US2)

Sharon YangSharon GeVicky ZhengHarvey Yang
Related to Product List (Reports)

1. 产品本身


  • I can speak(instant feedback)
  • I can listen
  • I can connect
  • curiosity


for audience

  • types: with curiosity
  • learning
  • story
  • express desire
  • live speech, higher engagement
  • multitasking

for speaker

  • types: KOL, podcast, professionals
  • sharing and increasing influence
  • Host the club as a moderator


What the product does well?

  • high quality participants (celebrity)
  • high quality topics and contents
  • easy to join and leave
  • live steaming, a strong sense of participation
  • connect with people with ease, specially with celebrities(Kaifu Lee,刘天真 etc) and KOL
  • promote themselves, especially those youtubers / up 主/ 小红书, to advertise themself and attract more subscribers
  • close interaction with celebrity

What product doesn't do well?

  • 5k room limitation
  • System crash
  • topic search difficulties
  • User experience is not guaranteed. It highly depends on the room quality and moderators' ability to faciliate the conversations
  • Speakers have to repeatly answer questions that are already asked and addressed for new audience who just join the room
  • Good content is not captured or saved once the room is closed. Maybe each room need a dedicated role to take notes and summarize/publish them in the room next to icon 'Community Guidelines'. Or replace 'Community Guidelines' with Summary. Most rooms are not outlining the guidelines and this icon is neglected by most users
  • When audience are promoted to speakers, their mics are on by default. Clubhouse believe new speakers will speak as soon as they get promoted as speakers. However, moderators usually promote a couple of speakers at the same time, and some speakers will not speak right away and they forget to turn off mics
  • I can see what rooms people are in. Sometimes people want to hide what room they are in, and there is no such option. A hidden mode would be useful.

Things need to be aware

  • topic sensitivity
  • data privacy

2. 产品和外界的互动

why does it popular among us recently

  • covid-19
  • wfh
  • Elon musk (other celebrities) promoted it and spread out their words

alternatives and user types

  • identify product type: social app
  • user centered
  • invite-only
  • phone number log-in
  • permission to contacts

3. 未来的发展和我们的期望


  • private club
  • new product launch
  • customer service
  • concern about the future content quality

4. 竞品+swot analysis

Audio only social networking

  • Podcasts/Spotify
  • Zoom
  • online events platform : meetups, eventbrite
  • facebook groups

Algorithm 算法:

follow 的人越多,能够看到的contents 越多


1. club events notification

2. calendar(related to interests)

关系网(半数人社交): engagement,instant engagements 互粉的人

SWOT analysis

Strength and OpportunityWeakness and Threat
high quality audio, hot media, instant feedback, frictionless human connections around globe, user base hypegrowth,
time consuming for moderators and listeners, product highly depends on quality of moderators and speakers,
Covid, endowment from KOLs,
copycat from large tech/social media firms, become a Fad post covid,

Common Use Case:

  • marketing channel for events and business
  • information sharing and consultation
    • workplace newborns vs workplace seniors. consulting for career growth opporunity
  • Connect entrepreneurs with investors
  • help company hire talents
  • discuss common interests
    • stock
    • kid raising
    • career growth
    • learnings
    • entreprenurship