More about Me


  • Personality: ENFJ-A | Zodiac: Leo
  • Tools:
    ๅˆฉๅ™จ | Personal Toolkits
  • Tendency: Believe in giving rather than taking, becoming rather than being.
  • Passion: Building tools and communities to empower people.
  • Fields of Interest: AI/ML, AR/VR, productivity and collaboraiton.


Steve Jobs
  • I only got to know him on the day he passed away, but has since been influenced by his life stories till now.
Sapiens and The Information
  • Equip me with a fundamental view of the world we live in.
Notion, their product and their team
  • The simplicity of building tools and teams.


  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
  • Learn by doing and do things you love.
  • First principles.
  • Carpe diem.
  • Technology and liberal arts
  • East and west
  • Vision and execution
  • Civilization and nature
  • Being oneself and caring for others

Things I Love

  • Sunset and sunrise; ocean and beach
  • Cars and cats
  • Jazz, R&B, and classicals
Movies, books, and podcasts
  • Movie is the one of the best inventions of human beingsโ€”a concentration/combination of photography, music, acting, and storytelling.

My Aesthetic Preference

  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
  • Scandinavian design is therefore one of my favorites.
  • Architecture
  • Simple geometries
  • Black is the most extreme but also the most tolerant color among all. It easily mathes with almost any color.
  • 90% of my daily outfits and devices are black.

Things I Enjoy Doing

Trying to master:

Building products
  • My chosen way to create value, expand knowledge, and have fun.
  • Everything is about design. It's the ultimate engine for innovation and social progress.
  • I therefore appreciate people with good tastes and design thinking.
  • Photography gives you a chance to slow down and pay attention to beautiful moments. Carpe diem.
  • It's also a good measure of one's taste.

For fun:

Helping others
  • Very often you would find me sharing my knowledge or resources with other people, as I find joy in helping and lifting others.
  • However, I could get upset if one doesn't value/treasure my sharing. I only want to help motivated people who stay grateful.
Driving and road trips
  • Driving gives you granular control over finely-engineered mechanics.
  • The freedom on where, how, and how fast to go.
  • A great way to train one's perseverance and endurance.
  • Also a precious time to think alone.
  • A proper pair of shoes and earphones matter a lot.

Currently exploring:

Web Development
  • React, Node.js, Styled Components, Redux
  • Works: NotionLinks (and more to come).
  • An effective way to lose weight, train muscle, and let out pressure.

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